RhiNOremedy – Medicine – Level-Less Rhinos

The Ministry of well being of the Peoples Republic of China removed rhino horn from the chinese medicine language medication pharmacopeia in 1993, with any trade and use remaining illegal immediately. The register of Chinese Herbal Drugs within the UK has also condemned the illegal trade in endangered species and its members are prohibited from utilizing any endangered species.

Carbonic constitution – The traits of carbonic structure are mentally and bodily upright individuals, having sq. white regular teeth, slight acute angle between Lower-arm and upper-arm, orderly, undemonstrative, accountable and succesful. Cal carb, Kali carb, Mag carb, Nat carb, Graph, Carbo veg, Carbo anim are the medicine having this structure.

Half V: Signs and Signs Section 1: Signs and Indicators of Elements of the Body 55. Head And Face 56. Face Color 57. Ears 58. Nostril 59. Throat 60. Mouth, Tongue, Teeth, Gums, Lips, Palate And Philtrum 61. Eyes 62. Neck, Shoulders And Higher Back 63. Chest 64. Limbs 65. Arms 66. Legs 67. Lower Again 68. Physique 69. Digestive System And Style 70. Thirst And Drink 71. Abdomen 72. Defecation 73. Urination 74. Anus 75. Men’s Sexual And Genital Signs 76. Sweating 77. Pores and skin Signs 78. Emotional Symptoms 79. Mental And Emotional Signs 80. Mental Difficulties 81. Sleep 82. Feeling Of Cold, Feeling Of Heat, Fever 83. Voice, Speech And Sounds

When the pernicious affect of wind combines with heat, the fever is worse than the chills, and the pulse is sooner than normal. The primary symptom is a swollen and sore throat with headache and irritability. If there is a cough, it is normally dry or nonproductive, with occasional expectoration of yellow mucus.

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